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Astronomy for travelers and tourists

We have prepared an experience for travelers who visit the Elqui Valley, where they will be able to enjoy an audiovisual piece narrated by our guides, observe the sky through telescopes, or enjoy a memorable evening observing the light of the stars. See nebulas, which is the place where stars are born, plus some binary stars, star clusters, the closest galaxies, and depending on the season, see planets of our Solar System, the craters of the moon, the moons of Jupiter and in general, you will be able to surprise yourself with the mysteries of our Universe.

Our tours are divided into two parts:
1) Introduction to the universe
3D movie narrated by one of our guides, located in our dome, which has harmonic acoustics to be able to enjoy our stories; or also in our comfortable cinema room, which is set so that our clients can feel impregnated with the knowledge transmitted by our guides.
2) Observational astronomy talk
Talk visiting the telescopes which are located in our amphitheatre.
Duration: 1:40 hrs.
Price per person:
$20.000 CLP.- Adults
$10.000 CLP.- Children from 4 years to 12 years
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