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A Universe for All

Alfa Aldea > A Universe for All
Alfa Aldea > A Universe for All

The objective of the experience "The universe within everyone's reach" is to bring school students closer to the world of astronomy.

This experience includes three activities carried out continuously:

1.- Sun Observation

Dictactic and focused on learning about the closest star to our planet Earth, our Sun, through solar telescopes, which are exclusively for observing spectacular solar flares (prominences, coronal mass ejections (CME)), in addition to to be able to observe the spots and solar granulation.

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2.- 3D Movie

Through a story directed by our guides and also by Astronomy students, we make the students travel through the cosmos and we achieve it by incorporating 3D movies:

- The origin of the universe

– Birth of the Moon

– Galaxy formation.

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3.- Inclusive Experience

We put ourselves at the service of anyone who wants to learn about Astronomy, and for this reason, we have implementations that will make this science an inclusive experience for people with visual disabilities.

We use 3D prints and with them we teach how eclipses between the Sun and the Moon occur, recognize the galaxy to which we belong, the "Milky Way", its center, and the black hole it has inside called Sagittarius A* ( Sagittarius A star).

We also have sonifications (through sound) of our radio telescope and an Arduino that captures the photons of light emitted by the Sun.

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We have high-end instrumentation, in order to be able to transmit our activity in the best possible way.

Solar Scout H-alpha 60 mm Telescope – Coronado SolarMax II 60 RichView Tuning 10 Solar Telescope – 3D Glasses – 3D Projector – 3D Touch Sheets, among others.


E-mail: uptprograma@gmail.com

Instagram: @alfaaldeaescolar

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